Sea, birdwatching and archaeological sites of the Vendicari Natural Reserve.

South of Noto we find the wildlife oasis of Vendicari, a Nature Reserve that extends for 14 km along the eastern coast of Sicily.

Walking along the paths you are given the opportunity to enjoy a breath-taking view: the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea on one side and the marshes on the other. It is precisely for the marshes that this area is so interesting from a wildlife point of view: indeed, more than 200 species of birdschoose Vendicari as a resting place during their migrations between Africa and northern Europe.

Of no less importance are the archaeological remains, such as the Greek remains of Eloro, the Byzantine traces of the Maccari Citadel, up to the more recent Tonnara di Vendicari.

Our tour includes an 8 km route along the coastwith a birdwatching stop, a picnic on the beach and the possibility of a swim in the sea.

Technical details:

  • Path length: 8km
  • Difference in altitude: circa 0
  • Duration: 4h
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Suitable for children: yes


  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water, at least 1,5 Lt
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Spare socks
  • Snacks

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