Let me introduce myself…

My name isMarco Caruso, and I am so blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Sicily!

I guess it’s for this reason that I grew up savouring the richness and variety of scents, views and colours of my homeland. These are the special features that have nurtured my mental dimension.

After high school I attended a vocational training course for naturalistic guides, thereby deepening topics in botany, zoology, archaeology and geology. I immediately put to good use the knowledges acquired by firstly pursuing my professional vocation in Sicily.

But there is more

As for me, what makes this work unique is to present and share my discoveries with all those who decide to get involved and explore the region with me.

I’m an accredited guide by FederEscursionismo Sicilia. since 2017.  I both work with small groups by collaborating with tour operators and I respond to private requests.